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    Competent : For the members of vivahonline.orgvivahonline.org to use our site or services you must legally marriageable age as per the law of India (At present 18 year of more for females and 21 year or more for males), our services only for those persons whose are capable to inter into lawful marriage under the law to which they are subject. Account templates : The members’ of vivahonline.org may terminate/delete their membership accounts at any time, for any reasons before writing to vivahonline.org. If you terminate or delete your membership account, you will not be entitled to get refund for any unstill Zed membership fees.

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    Illegal contents not allowed: There are many illegal contents which are not allowed on the vivahonline.org site. These contents are followings : - You provide intercommunication about illegal activities such as contract illegal weapons, providing or making computer viruses. You cannot make profile for commercial or unlawful purpose for the other users. You cannot make display sexually or pornography material on the site. You cannot promote false intimation, illegal activities or libellous. You will not be allowed to use any copyright work or images of other persons.

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